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VentureBros FanFiction

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This is a fan fictional cartoon based on some of my favorite Venture Bros characters, Henchman 21, Henchman 24, and everyone's favorite super villain, The Monarch!

It took me a total of around 5 total days of working, and the idea just came to me. I figured, I haven't seen any good NG parodies of the Venture Bros, I better fix that.

I hope you like it!

**EDIT** OMG, lol, I forgot to give them all butterfly wings LMAO. Next time, I guess. I don't feel that it takes away from the quality.
**EDIT** Cool, VentureBrosBlog featured me on their website!

Thanks, Tom!!! God Bless your wife and children!!!!!! Parents!!! Thanks, my FIRST SOLO FRONT-PAGER!!!!!

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I liked it. The voices were done really really well, and the animation is awesome on this. I liked the fact that it was a Venture Bros fanfiction (thanks for getting me hooked), you don't see many of those around. The writing was funny and it kept me interested throughout the whole thing. Really good job, keep up the good work and you'll go places

smirkstudios responds:

Thanks for the compliments! The Venture Bros is my number one inspiration right now for writing. I will use Archer for speed, but realistically Venture Bros has the style, and they do it without vulgarities (well as little as possible). Thanks for the review! Enjoy my upcoming toons!