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[L*] Spooky Ghost

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Author Comments

Hello this is my first New Grounds submission. I hope you all enjoy this story, which lucky stars my daughter and I, in a film adaptation of a short story I wrote many years ago when I was an amateur writer.


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wow this is the spookiest thing ive ever seen so spooky i give it a 10!! im hard to spook!!


i voted 6 cuz the intro was bad, if the movie would have been there alone then it would have been 10

seriously now, if you had the skillz to pull the intro out, then why the fuck dont you make something awesome instead of going around making shitty crew animations

Intro=Great, Rest=Terrible.

The Intro was amazing. I didn't even notice that you listed your name about 20 times, the cool animation effects took my eyes completely off it. But the resulting animation was terribly disappointing. Even with my severe lack of Japanese knowledge, anyone could tell that the story was poorly made, and i couldn't read anything so it was impossible to get the joke. It's needless to say that the potential is there; BECAUSE IT IS. Just put some more effort into your work, and translation please.

Getting there

I kind of find these to be such misleading contradictions in a largely sad way. You spend more time making the intro than you ever do creating the main piece sadly. Another thing is english subtitles would be a nice add since this is an English website. Most other foreign users at least go back and add English subtitles so the users can understand what is going on. Another thing is voices would be nice here too.

The preloader was nice as usual and then again it doesn't change much does it? Then it is followed up by the intro which always look awesome. To be honestly if you can make the intro look at that great then why can't you spend as much time creating the main piece with it? I don't hate you users, I just ask you put as much time into your main piece as you do with the intro.

Overall, these are always a good laugh albeit, most users can't read Japanese very well or at most, at all. Adding English subtitles would be nice. Users here want to see quality flashes so while the intro is cool, working on the main piece is just as important as making intros, credits, whatever makes a flash awesome to the user.

Good luck on future pieces.

Well, you're on the right track, I hope

The opening was beautifully animated and made me really anxious to see what the flash was about.
But there wasn't much after that...

The animation itself should be just as good as the opening but you dropped the quality like a rock when it was finished. Not only that but the opening is like 80% of all the flash time, all it ever did was say "Sojiro-Izumi", most other guys just put "Everything by *Artist name, or Me*".
Finally, if you can do the description in English, you could do the text inside the animation English too.

You have great potential but your work still feels silly and that you eventually get lazy.
I know you can do great! Don't give me a reason to give you a low score next time! ;D

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2011
5:25 PM EDT