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FemPHLiM Fukkireta

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Author Comments

Yep. FemPHLiM doing a rather "familiar" dance.
This is probably my best line/colour work in flash... EVER! Also, this is my first time using AS2 to do the lyrics xD

Tried to update this with the finished piece, after a good half-year of actually finishing it. However, it refuses to change.

Holy crap! I've been doing lipsynching using AS2 as well! D:
It's actually so much easier than FBF!

- Finished the lipsync. Now to find a translator! :D
- Also, the ActionScript could use a cleanup. Hopefully someone will help me out on that. ;D
- Fixed a few minor bugs with the AS.
- Added shading to the mouth.

Who is FemPHLiM?
She is basically the female alter-ego of my personal character. He is transformed into his female-self by watching really cute anime.

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I onnly have one thing to say..................KAWAII!!!!! I Love the characters and clothes you can change the person into!! they are all cute!

phlim2 responds:

Thanks. I wanted to add more, but I sadly lost the .fla file in a hard drive failure. ;u;

Alter ego?

That does not seem like an alter-ego experience. More like Kampher or something on those lines. Oh and PS. The flash was epic but to view yourself like this if your a guy useally states some phsco dramatic issues (lol)

phlim2 responds:

xD Don't worry, I view myself as a guy. I just needed something different to make my cartoon self more interesting, lol. :P

nice method

i can see a full series of stuff like that from you in the future and i like the idea given you dont keep a whole song to the same movement again, nother advice would be that you should use the line tool for the outlines, its much anime-ish

also i have a question, do you actually typed the song somewhere in your code and it arranged everything automatically? cuz if thats the case then my pants would drop

so make more

phlim2 responds:

I would use the line tool, but my PC dislikes it for some reason. I've been having some severe freezing lately, indicating that it's near-death for my 8-year old PC. ^^;

Anyway, to your question, the lyrics on the screen are controlled by using this kind of ActionScript (v2.0):
instancename.text="text here"

I might upload the main .fla file someday to people who're really curious.

Bah,,, (I can't believe I'm giving this a 5/7)

It was so freaking repetitive... but for an animation testing lip-syncing, it was okay. The flash was pretty well made. I have to admit, before the song started you were about 1.3 seconds away from a 1 (1.3 secs is the average time for a human to press a button, btw), but the presentation was good, the animation was good (for a kawaii girl thingy), and plus you put a bit of actionscript to show the mouth used in frames. I'm guessing you put the mouth movie-clip inside the movie-clip for the face so that it would stay in the same position, then used actionscript to call out the different mouths? I don't know, I'm new to actionscript anyway. Good job in all, sorry I wrote so much, I have a tendency to babble on... (kinda like this...) anyway, Kudos.

phlim2 responds:

I agree that it was repetitive. I may add little bits in once it's complete. Sorry about that, lol...

Thanks. It's a shame that 1.3 seconds is the average time for someone to press "Blam this piece of crap!", but what can you do? Once it's pressed, it's pressed.

You were pretty close with the guess. What I did was create a single movie clip with 6 shoulder shuffles, each with different mouths. Then I used the actionscript to read frames 1-20 (move) within that movie clip using one variable, then used face# x 20 (mouth) + (move) for the lipsync.

(0*20) + (1->20) = None (1-20)
(1*20) + (1->20) = TeethGrin (21-40)
...and so on :D


Nice job on the lip-synch there.
Music were cool, and the animation in general were above average. Perhaps a bit much of the same movement, but all in all, a cool video.

phlim2 responds:

Thanks a lot! :D
Yeah, the movement is non-stop and repetitive, but that's pretty much what how it's meant to be. X3

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2011
5:16 PM EDT