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Always nice to have a clipboard handy in those moments of need. Thank you Newgrounds for frontpage!

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He could've just put the paper against the wall when writing. :P

Short and sweet, loved it. A bit slow to start up, though. Once it got to the humor it was good.


It's nice to know you recieved an award of some kind for this. It's great to see you rapidly making cartoons even if you don't get the award recognition for it. I knew right away that the final joke was going to be about how the woman was used as a garbage can. I'm glad the guy is actually really shocked over what's going on. This isn't so much as about clipboards, as it is about the lack of clipboards. Even the letters are drawn in a pretty cool way.

I admire how the voices really set up the emotions well. It kind of makes you realize how handy clipboards are, if you need some place to write stuff. I would probably feel the same way if that was being done to my wife. I like the usage of lines. The funniest part was of course at the end when it seemed like he'd never stop saying "Uhh".

same thoughts as the guy below me

really good but I wanted it to go on longer.


Funny :) But it was too short :(

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Mar 26, 2011
10:44 PM EDT