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Sonic Ignition Ep1 Act4

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OK, so the Shadow "It Doesn't Matter" video is yet to materialize, and "Sonic Excelsior" is still in the development stages (I've been sidetracked by real life, computer problems, and other projects, so sue me. They're coming, people...). I did, however get struck with a bolt of inspiration recently and I decided to finally get started on that sprite series I've been meaning to start up for nearly two years. For the past two months I've labored over this nearly half-hour long pilot episode, tried to export it as a YouTube compatible file (but my symbols just weren't coming out animated, so I hung that up...), and finally split the episode into four acts to upload here on Newgrounds. Pardon the lack of sound, I had some...hickups...with the music I wanted to use and my microphone died on me a few months ago (No, I will not be using Speakonia voices... Unless it's for Metal Sonic... Sorries...) Hopefully, you will enjoy it. (P.S.: Yeah, the next episode will have music and there will be spoken dialogue as soon as I can get a new mic. This is the tip of the iceberg, guys and gals.)

Episode 1: Losing and Finding

Sonic's dear old Uncle Chuck has died, leaving Sonic millions of dollars, a huge friggin' mansion, and a multi-billion dollar company. Meanwhile, a strange (and dweebish) green hedgehog named Ashura has appeared... WTH, SEGA?!! Are you on cra-- ...Oh...wait...no...It's a sprite series...

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Taste the Rainbow

dude u got some really good jokes in here sound would make it better even though this is one of the best flashs ive seen on newgrounds