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Sonic Ignition Ep1 Act1

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OK, so the Shadow "It Doesn't Matter" video is yet to materialize, and "Sonic Excelsior" is still in the development stages (I've been sidetracked by real life, computer problems, and other projects, so sue me. They're coming, people...). I did, however get struck with a bolt of inspiration recently and I decided to finally get started on that sprite series I've been meaning to start up for nearly two years. For the past two months I've labored over this nearly half-hour long pilot episode, tried to export it as a YouTube compatible file (but my symbols just weren't coming out animated, so I hung that up...), and finally split the episode into four acts to upload here on Newgrounds. Pardon the lack of sound, I had some...hickups...with the music I wanted to use and my microphone died on me a few months ago (No, I will not be using Speakonia voices... Unless it's for Metal Sonic... Sorries...) Hopefully, you will enjoy it

Edit: Ever plagued with problems with this project, I had to fix the parts due to my preloader not working properly...curse it all!!

Episode 1: Losing and Finding

Sonic's dear old Uncle Chuck has died, leaving Sonic millions of dollars, a huge friggin' mansion, and a multi-billion dollar company. Meanwhile, a strange (and dweebish) green hedgehog named Ashura has appeared... WTH, SEGA?!! Are you on cra-- ...Oh...wait...no...It's a sprite series...

(These credits roll at the end of Act 4, but in the name of good taste I've placed them here for acts 1-3...and, yes, Danielle Freeman is me.)

Written, Produced, and Directed By
Miss Danielle Freeman

Character Sprite Artists/Rippers

Sonic.....Clyent Nite
Young Sonic.....Shadow+Maria-Lo ver
Tails.....Clyent Nite
Knuckles.....Veckles the Echdina
Shadow.....Clyent Nite
Silver.....Clyent Nite and Phoenix
Ashura.....Clyent Nite
Amy Rose.....Gabriel AKA Frag
Rouge.....Gabriel AKA Frag
Cream and Cheese.....D.Burraki
Blaze.....andyvader et. al.
Shade.....Danielle Freeman
Uncle Chuck.....Xeric

Background Sprite Rippers

Heavy Megatal
HMS AKA Metallix
Gamenerd Advance

Custom Backgrounds and Props

Danielle Freeman

Set Design

Danielle Freeman

Unwitting Test Audience


Special Thanks To

Shadette, for the character design
that inspired the series.

All of the people out there who create,
rip, and post sprites on the web.

MMXI CatDragon Studios

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what it needs

though this apparently irrellevant seeing as there is already a shit ton of other videos, but you need voice acting, acting, not your buddies, you can submit a request and find people, hell, you could even hit up the wax, im sure as hell he knows voice actors, and scond and less important, sprites are boring, but thats trivial to some extent, the voice acting is what you need, and maybe a little humor, with no sound and sprites, this flash is dry...just dry sir.


the story is very good but this all video was 10 characters standing and....well that's it and there were texts you need to put sounds and bg music use the v-cam a bit and with some training this can be amazing


though they do talk alot...
you should add some sound nexttime!

That was fairly humerous.

The only thing I'm gonna say is that you need to make everyone a bit more expressive, maybe add some voices and stuff to cover the silence (it did get kinda boring just reading). Also, I don't think any of the sonic characters would say stuff like 'true dat, girlfriend', especially not rogue. Nor would Amy abbreviate facts for fax.

Still, grinding on his nads for that long... daaaang Sonic has some constitution to not shed a tear from it. Especially the speeds he goes at.

Very nice despite all the snags.

This was a very well made sprite animation, and I'm suprised that I liked the type of sprites you decided to use (you don't see non-gba sprites like that used too often). Not counting the lack of sound, the only thing I would recommend for a full 10 is that you add a button to make the text go faster or slower depending on the viewer.
9/10 5/5 and I'm adding you as a favorite artist!