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The Fairview Horror

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Your ruined science outpost is under attack by horrible creatures, and you have to last a year before anyone comes to check on you.

When the zombies attack, you'll start running automatically. It's up to you to chosen when you fire, sprint, hack with your axe, and general fight back to prevent them from your reaching your base before you do. Or, if you're feeling really tough, you can try to destroy them all before they reach your base.

Choose your upgrades wisely?

This game is played totally with the mouse.

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very nice good game

this was awesome

I dont know how to play this game, if even one zombie comes in i lose like if those civilians cant defend themselves and the graphics are awful.

I can really appreciate how the zombies run ahead of me like this is a 100 meter sprint and not a run for my life.

Ouch. The game is not played totally with the mouse. It is awkward. I accidently clicked out of the axe and couldn't get it back. Trying to kill zombies is not easy and they just keep pushing past me. The game doesn't have much replay value.