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Paper Pilots

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Paper pilots is a shooter like you've never seen before. Fly through hordes of baddies, shooting rockets, blowing up everything around you. Upgrade your plane, pick up powerups and pass through hoops for max combo!

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Tried playing this in 2018, but it won't let me click on anything but "more games" I guess the software is outdated, I also tried playing this on other sites but they either had the same problem or asked me to download adobe flash which I already have. I assumed this was the same game I played years ago, y'know with the weird enemies like pizza slices? so if you could update this that'd be great.

Good one!

It's really fun to play. I like the concept (I mean a paperplane-shooter, how fun is that?) and also the artwork and music are very fitting.

Looks clean, plays nicely, but can be improved

The graphics are nice and clean and the control is easy to handle. The graphics were probably my favorite part because they were so simple, smooth, and clean. Controlling the plane trailed closely behind due to the maneuverability granted and how gently the plane followed.
Although easy to maneuver at first, I noticed that you didn't really do anything to stop "baddies" from being dropped in the wrong spots. On several occasions I've had to choose whether to make the goal or save health. Not just later in the stage, but earlier when I had no missiles available to me.
Aside from that, the game was good and there was an appropriate number of enemies and levels available to go through for a casual game. Your comments do kind of blow it up, though. It's not really a shooter like I've never seen before. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it's not completely original.
Overall the graphics are wonderful, as are the controls, but there could be some improvements made for the convenience of players.


I loved this game its so fun good luck on the judging

Could be better

The whole point of an upgrade is to get something better. The 2nd plane was not better than the first. The invulnerability didn't have any sign or sound of warning when it would run out which left me losing 20% out of nowhere. Otherwise excellent game, good soundtrack, and good animation.

Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2011
6:48 PM EDT