Friday by Bob Dylan

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I first heard this song in a helicopter over Vietnam. It was a Friday.

update: Thanks for frontpage NG! Also, that is not Black in the corner, I wish no violence to come to her or anyone related with this.

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A great parody to a great song. Thanks Obama.

Not only is this my favorite Parody, it actually sounds pretty awesome. I must have heard it a bunch of times already and I just found it about three days ago. A wee bit late to the parody party for me to find it now but it's still awesome. The Animation is basic to the sense that not much different, but the panning camera works very well for the whole feel. The dead hooker in the corner looks as if it was Black herself, even though you have stated it isn't, but just happened to be a poor choice of hair color I suppose lol.

Great work, can't wait to see more of your future works!


Lots of fun

Ah, I wish that was Black in the corner. I guess it could be worse, it could be that annoying "My Jeans" video that's been getting popular. I wonder how long most people watched it before knowing it was an infinite loop? The artwork is really good in this. The best work of course is the voice work which really does sound just like Bob Dylan. It's amazing how a talented singer can make even the dumbest songs enjoyable.

Of course, it also helps that the tune used on the guitar is way better than the kind in the original. It seems just like what Bob Dylan would be like if he sang this song. It makes a person appreciate looking forward to the weekend. Hey, I just realized that I'm writing this review on Friday itself! The tongue movements were weird.

His voice...

Pronounces words far too well to be Bob Dylan.

I liked this, but when I saw the author comments,

I just had to write a review. Vietnam, lol epic. The dead hooker is a nice touch. As monotonous as this is, I keep thinking about it whenever I hear about Friday. Of course, this animation begs the question: what would've happened if Bob Dylan actually wrote the song?

The irony makes this particularly clever, considering that Bob Dylan won a Pulitzer for "lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power". Nice rendition.

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Mar 21, 2011
5:14 AM EDT
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