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A south park scene

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kenny's memorable death in Tweek VS Craig


Eric looks almost as Fat as my Penis When i get a boner.

Good for a death

Well, what can I say? I can not really hate this because this is a pretty authentic representation of the scene in the "South Park" episode "Tweek Vs. Craig" where Kenny dies. Its main fault is that it is really nothing except that scene! It does remind me back in the days where you could see scenes and episodes online and didn't have to worry about copyright. You can only go on the official websites to see that. As the show's animation is simple itself, you did a good imitation.

What you do need to work on is to have a background. You might also want to try not putting it in an infinite loop, not that I would know how to fix that. At least this should please fans of the show who want to see this scene. It kind of makes you realize how little the characters care about what's going on. The teacher is still the most sensible.

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This place is for flashes of originality not already existing comedies and what not. If people want to watch South Park they'll go to Comedy Central TV channel or their site or buy the DVD's.

Keep that in mind if you have idea's for future projects.

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cool, but why?

If I wanna watch South Park, I watch South Park. If I wanna watch original stuff Newgrounds!!

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i couldnt tell the difference between this and the real southpark, but i hate loops, and i couldnt t tell wat the story is....

tacomanworld responds:

the story is the boys bet tweek to win a fight against craig and meanwhile kenny joins shopclass and the fight brakes through into the class where kenny is with a saw.

i luv southpark

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Mar 20, 2011
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