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One day three ducks were crossing a road,
Going to get some soda.
But they weren't looking where they were going and
a bus came along and hit them all.
Now theyre handicapped and
No that's pretty much it.

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Nice Job.

Bam...it just hit me! The handiquaks are people I care about.......when did I feel this way about the ducks I allow in my house every week?!

not bad

But you could at least say in the description where the audio is from, unless your expecting some extra credits from those who don't know who family guy is.

wouterOfficial responds:

Look to your right.
Audio: seth mcFarlane :)

To your right, assuming that you are on the other side of the screen xD

Well done, sir.

This matches up almost perfectly to the sketches they made for the song in Family Guy. Well done for finally animating it!

this is the saddest song ever written!!!

it is quite funny. next time maybe spend some more time on the artwork though...

Very nice.

Amateur quality, but it matches up with the song perfectly.

wouterOfficial responds:

I kiiiinda did that on purpose, not saying that i am a pro xD
i did copy the drawings of family guy, but with a brush it just seems like its not on purpose xD