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Grape galaxy japanese

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I love art

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This is a good game, the art is great! I wish there was better music though. The sound effects are good.

I would recommend on your next revision to hide the mouse cursor when the game is playing.
Also, it would be best if there were some way to tell your progress and how much left to get to the level boss... scrolling the background would help immensely.

Great job so far!

Getting better...

I played your original "Grape Galaxy" game, and this newer version is definitely an improvement to the overall gameplay:

Instead of having more and more enemies crowd up the screen, you added in boss fights, and transitioned the background each time the player reached a new area in the level.
The game also pauses quite nicely when the screen loses focus.

Having said all this, the game still needs work in several areas:
1. It would be awesome if the city background scrolled with the player parallax style. It was a bit odd for the backdrop to fade to a woman's face.

2. More enemies: The two main enemy types still have the same A.I.:
Move straight and shoot or move to the players y coordinate (whilst spinning) and shoot.
3. All projectiles have the same trajectory (straight).
(Maybe add in homing missles or magnetic mines....)
4. The boss battles are a little too predicatable, as they always use the same attack at regular intervals.
5. I see you have a cash system. While it's mainly for scoring, it would be cool if I could spend some of it on ship upgrades.

Rated: 3/5
Keep up the good work

I hope I've given you some helpful advice.
From a member of the:

[review request club]
(I suggest posting there to get more feedback)

P.s. I love the artwork, please tell me where you learnt how to draw like that.
I'd like to learn how to incorporate some decent isometric art into my own projects...


It's an interesting take on space shooters. The hit detection is awfully forgiving, though, especially with those blue-jellyfish-bullet-thingies.

About the game.

It looked like a pretty exiting game at first, but then you play it for 2 miniutes and it gets pretty boring.

It was okay

Nice backgrounds, a little strange to be shooting aliens in front of a girls face. Add some sort of upgrade system and a use for the Gold Zizzys and you'll have a fun shooter.