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Fuk Yoo, Banarnee!

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Watch out for the banarnee!

Oh, before I forget, a special THANK YOU to Father-of-Death for the belting track! Check it out on the co-author thing on the side!



EDIT: Thanks for watching this cartoon! I've already brain-stormed a sequel which I'll start work on in a couple of hours! Cheers!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for the support/ reviews/ favourites and votes! You are lovely, lovely people and you will always have a place in my little black heart!

4 people have added me to their "Favorite Artist" list so the the pressure is on. I'm going to increase my (limited) skills for the sequel and produce something truly horrific!

I won't let you down!


- Turbo.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfqr1Zrkb77w0Tx1EpLyJQ

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Very nice work :)

I could never forget this crazy picture.

I'm gonna have to agree with cincydog. It was pretty well delivered, anyway.

You must be from the islands off of France; those are the only guys I've seen use a backward peace sign to diss someone.
Anyway, it wasn't anything new, or even that funny. The aimation wasn't bad I s'pose.


dude i love your work. A wonderful acid like trip into simplicity.