The Holly-Lloyd Squares

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Originally from "The Lloyds Fun Pack".I'm hooking up the Lloyds section and wanted to put this new version up.

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I think the problem with this game is that it was too easy.. The Lloyds are so dumb. It's easy to tell if they got an answer wrong. They just say random stuff. Still, I'll give the game credit for being unique. There aren't other games like this here.

I can see why the score is so low. Well, I never cared much for the series. Hey, there now is no 9th planet from the Sun! This game is now false! Well, nobody really cares.

Nice idea.

Making a Hollywood Squares type of game from this series was a pretty random idea but it was very easy though but i did get a laugh or two from it.


If you play it more then once you'll find some(not all) of the answers make sense if you watched previous episodes... i thought it was funny just not as good as the others because of lack of storyline but cant complain it was meant to be that way


^^Good Points^^
Catchy graphics, and that is about all for this game.

^^Needs Improving^^
This game doesn't make much sense to me. You get a question, and then the characters say something completely unrelated that is really hard to make out anyway. You can't really win by ansering either agree or disagree since the responses don't make sense anyway.

A nice idea, but a poor game

I feel that you had a nice idea for a game here but it just didn't work and wasn't really good at all it was just click on a window and see a question then click on the person and hear a random sound clip that had nothing to do with it, in my opinion it's the 2nd best in the series though. It was still nigh-impossible to make out what they were saying, perhaps you could have had subtitles.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


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2.85 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2002
2:19 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz