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A Goomba's Life - Ep 1

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It's been two months since Robbie and Yoshi moved into Goomba's village. About 1 month ago. A new house was designed and a New neighbor moved into town. When Yoshi and Robbie returns back from Toad Town. The Unexpected happens..........

Notes: There are buttons on the bottom of the screen. You may use them when available to skip scenes, pause, go back a scene, etc. I put them there for your convince.

Yes I named the episode the way i did on purpose...

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Don't take any jokes here seriously. I'm not bashing anything it's meant for comedy purposes. so laugh

EasterEgg: There is one easter egg in the movie....best hint your going to get is a old saying.
The "Grass" is always greener.


This is pretty good for your first sprite movie. Well, I'm assuming its your first since it's first on the list. It is pointless giving tips since you've beyond this. It was overall it was entaining, but the audio just needed to be tweaked.

Keep it up!


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Not bad, but needs refining

I think that there's lots of potential for this piece here, though it does need to be refined a little - the sounds are all of different volumes, which could also be seen as a little high, so toning them down could really help you out.

With the sprite based animation, you lose so much from the overall animation, just by zooming in. You use this and it really takes away from the quality, which is a shame. Start off with it zoomed out further and then maybe have the zoom shots to the level of the "regular" shots and the quality will increase by so much.

Some of the dialogue needs looking at - too neat and clipped, in essence. People don't talk like that and perhaps they would throw a few more words into the mix, to keep things chugging along for sound, while characters are exiting, for example.

Still, it's a decent start and onward to episode 2.

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DemonicDragon93 responds:

Thanks a lot coop for your honest review. I've been doing animation for years now but i never really sat down to come up with a "comedy" sprite movie. So making a actual script is still a WIP for me. I'm trying to get better. From what my Co-Story writer told me. Ep 3 is the best script yet. So stay tuned for Ep 3. I'll rely on the RRC for Ep 3. :)

A Goomba's Review - Ep 1

Nice use of sprites. I liked how you could pause/play/etc. the movie via the panel at the bottom of the screen. The only thing I would really suggest improving on would the be the quality of the voices (they were a little hard to understand at points). The sprites looked great, and the movie was well-done, though, so congrats on that.

~ Z

Quite clever

Nice little flash. I like the story, really think you should keep making this.

The sprites look good, and I like your animations, they're really good. Flashbacks are always fun, no exception here :>

Voice actors are pretty good. The audio quality could be a bit better. I especially like the references to other NG vids and to general vids on internet. God damn that Tails is annoying.

The humor is really funny, I loved it. Sometimes immature, sometimes a bit more grown up. not in the sexual way, just a bit more complicated.

You could've done with some background sound effects. It feels really empty and dull when no-ones speaking or there's no music playing.

You should also make it possible to hide the menu. It takes up a lot of space and isn't very nice to look at.

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2.70 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2011
2:36 AM EDT
Comedy - Original