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Cycle of Evolution

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Author Comments

This is my first ever animation ... ever. i know it kinda sucks, but for a first animation i don't think its too bad.

the music is not my own, it is part of the intro to "Five Minutes" by Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, which i chopped and changed a bit with the help of the program Audacity. the idea and animations are original, and made by me, using the program Adobe Flash. (i would mention all this in the credits, but i don't know much about flash, so i have no idea how to make them)

constructive criticism would be great, i obviously need a lot of help.

just a side note, this 32.8 second video took me somewhere between 5 and 6 hours to make...

thank you, Newgrounds

EDIT: i am aware that i misspelled "mammals". i have two reviews that commented about it, so don't bother mentioning it again, this mistake will not be repeated.

EDIT2: can someone please comment about the music, because some opinions about that would be very helpful.

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I have seen better

But, It did take you, like 6 hours straight to do this.

I already knew about the mammals thing,

There are better stuff, but, yours isn't as bad as, lets say: random use of people jumping on a cock. (Yes, I have seen that. >.>) Anyways you did okay.


A guy at your school.

matt10680 responds:

k thnx bai, Landon.

the music isn't bad

and it starts to pick up some, like its going some where, but its a short piece. it worked well with the flash.

Not a bad start for your first time, more time and energy, and you probably well get good at it.

you seem to try for a message with this as well, but it seemed pointless to me. Extinction is the ultimate fate for all life, no matter what you try to do, if naturalism is true.

matt10680 responds:

the point was more so about how as creatures evolve more and more, and become like humans (not necessarily human) they will war against each other and (probably) cause the extinction of their own species, but there will still be single-celled organisms left, that will evolve and repeat the process.

maybe i'll make a better version where that is more obvious (and i'll draw better and spell correctly) and also longer, and with a better song. there was another song i had wanted to use, and it went well with the video, or at least i thought it did, but i couldn't get it to fit in the 32.8 seconds. :/

uh yeah..

you gotta be really careful with shape tweens, this is a perfect example of what NOT to do. what you have here is called 'flash crap.' and i didn't make up that term, that's what it's really called.

so yeah, just... just steer clear of flash crap in the future, is what i'm saying. learn how to use motion tweens or animate frame by frame.

matt10680 responds:

truthfuly, i was trying to do that stuff, but it always got F--ked up. so i decided to do something really simple, and wasn't even planning on posting it anywhere.

thanks for the input, though. i'll try to stay away from "Flash Crap" in the future.

hey not bad..

I see where you can convert this flash that you didnt work to long on with the your own original music to something really good. Stay focus and get some details/more animation

matt10680 responds:

could you elaborate a bit? you say i could make it good but what do you mean by that? a little more input would be helpful. ;)

Not bad

Not bad at all for a first. Though the spelling mammels annoyed me a bit, it's spelled mammals.

matt10680 responds:

flash doesn't have a spell check.. >.>

also, i rate this review as helpful, so i can spell correctly next time. XD

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2011
10:54 PM EDT