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Ezam 3

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When I had nothing to do, I experimented with making standard maze games. This is the third and final game in the Ezam series. Compared to the last one, this game has many improvements while still remaining pretty basic.

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I wanted to see where you put my song at and I played all the way to Yami Mode. Took 2 days because I took my time but fuck Yami Mode. I don't have the time to sit down and waste more than 30+ minutes on a maze. Otherwise, the normal and expert mode was actually pretty good. Especially, Normal's last stage. I was saying "fuck this shit" every minute.

ok game

Easy , controls work really well.
But terrible typography terrible my eyes hurt.

Not bad.

I enjoyed it for a while; mazes seemed pretty easy, but then again maybe all mazes are relatively easy when you're an adult. A couple of suggestions:

- allow the character to move faster. If it's a timed thing, then the time should reflect the puzzle-solving effort rather than the character speed.

- the time obscures the correct path in some of the mazes (e.g., maze 16).

did it

pass all the maze

Its a maze.

Its another maze game, which are old. Its smooth at least, you've upped the frame rate, which was okay. Its boring, mazes are boring, they belong in newspapers. Also the file size is huge.