Mechagodzilla vs Megazord

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**Oh man front page, SWEET! Thank you everyone for your kind comments! If anyone has any ideas for any other fights lemme know. Since Spoony isn't continuing his Deadliest Character series I can still pit some guys together and have them duke it out. Maybe even have a small plot for each episode too.

Yeah send me some ideas, hahaha.

The Collaboration I was a part of with Spoony, James Rolfe and Linkara. This is essentially the raw footage from the original video with some missing filters (some effects look like Zelda Wind Waker). I didn't include any of the stock footage that Spoony added and I added my own music.

Basically what happened was Spoony had this idea for a Deadliest Warrior spinoff where he would pit two characters against each other and find out who is deadliest. At the time he was unsure how to go about it with the fight and whatnot. I decided to email him with a 10 second clip of the two characters going at it. He loved it and decided to have me on board for this project.

So he sent me the details (reference footage, direction, who the winner will be ect) and this is what I came up with.

If anyone has any problems with the outcome of this fight, blame him. Hahaha.

Here's the original video
http://spoonyexperiment.c om/2010/12/05/the-deadlie st-character/


Yes! I do in fact remember this from the Spoony experiment! I just don't remember it well. I mean, those guys make so many videos it's hard for me to keep track. This was quite well animated. It's kind of dorky I know what these things are. I think it was a pretty realistic depiction.

Yeah, it's not easy to depict giant robots as realistic. I was impressed by the colors. It was quite unpredictable. It was nice how the Megazord got some help. I was expecting it to end when he was beheaded.

My personal thoughts on this one

Yes, my personal thoughts on this video, while I like the conspectus idea of Mechagodzilla vs Megazord, I've noticed a few number of illegible things in this flash movie.

The first one being Megazord's overall height, originally Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers won't even be as tall as MechaGodzilla from the Showa Era due to the fact that Megazord's height is only 41 meters while MechaGodzilla's height is roughly 50 meters tall. (For Megazord being as tall as MechaGodzilla is non-canon).

Further more Megazord's overall weight is only 570 tons while the Showa Version of MechaGodzilla's weight is in fact a whooping 40,000 tons, I don't even think Megazord would be able to knockback MechaGodzilla by simply lunging itself at it as MechaGodzilla will more then likely push Megazord back (making Megazord as heavy as MechaGodzilla in terms of overall weight for this reason is also non-canon).

The one thing that did surprised me is the sheer fact MechaGodzilla didn't even use it's Rainbow Colored Optical Laser nor did Megazord used the Mastodon Shield in this fight, which are two things Spoony forgot to include.

Last but not least because Dragonzord became involved didn't really felt like a One vs One match since he alone counted as *outside help*, hence the reason why I say this one's somewhat illegible.

Amazing peice of work sir.
I logged in for the first time in years just to let you know how talented you are justin. Don't give up on your talents man. You don't just have potential. You already have the ability man! Don't give up on this man!
Hell yes bro.
"Badger" misses you lol

that was a cheap shot


that was awesome. only complaint is that (without spoilers) the end came to quick. the turning point of the fight was like. BAM all the sudden. i would have liked to see them combine, not just suddenly they are. but that was still really nice.

keep it up. good old fashioned beat 'em up. fighting vids are always a pleasure when well done, like this.

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