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We had do this project for our Arabic Class and I made a flash instead of a stupid poster. The main reason why because I did not want other people to work w/ me. I did it on a short story we had to read in class. It was good... I guess.


No Excuse.

Flash like this has no excuse, even if it the first .
For example, just check out the games on Newgrounds.

What did you get for a grade?

Right now if NG translated to a grade... 30%

Your command button for pause or anything doesn't work, the graphics look like a preschooler drew it, the voice sucks ass. What's good about this in your mind?

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BrightAli responds:

Well this is my first flash so give me some slack.
I got a 94%

This is not a flash.

This is a .swf. You converted a powerpoint program into a .swf file, and it's bad quality, bad voice acting, and really the story is not that impressive.
So my advice to you is, "invest" in some shareware, find yourself some free flash software, and then you should download WavePad in the audio section to perfect the audio. Also, try actually having a story. But most importantly, use flash. Pivot, and all other related powerpoint programs just look terrible.

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1.21 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2011
9:42 PM EST
Comedy - Original