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Adventures in Carrotland

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Finally, thanks to the wonders of video compression, I am able to upload this as a single file! It's the same as before, except you'll now be able to watch the thing as a whole.

I animated this entirely in Flash, though most of the sprites were made by hand, using inks, colouring pencils, and paint, as well as some photographs. The result is this! I hope you like it!

Be sure to check out my other videos if you like it!

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What the FUCK did I just watch? That was hilarious. Potheads for the win!

CarrotPatrol responds:

Let me assure you, sir that no pot was consumed during the making of this movie. :)

I like it

Its good, nice drawings, has a plot somewhat, ya need to work on the voice acting a little as its a little quite and you need to use emotions better instead of like reading from a page at school or something. I say carry on making these videos.


Nice plot and funny story, but the sound quality is a little lame and the voice aacting is a little low on the volume. Nice ending BTW!

From Lil' Muszel

CarrotPatrol responds:

Apologies. I had to lower the sound quality somewhat in order for the video to have been small enough to upload. About the voice acting... my bad! :D


is this even a flash movie?

And what's up with the wierd aspect ratio?

CarrotPatrol responds:

It's 100% animated using Flash... As for the aspect ratio, that's just weird technical stuff.
Not my problem.