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Phase 9 Episode 1

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Author Comments

It Works now

Phase 9

This was originally a book I wrote a couple of years back and is about 200+ pages long. I never got around to publishing because I'm lazy...and I stopped writing it. Later I got into animation and for a larf decided to turn it into an anime

synopsis: Alien crash lands on a planet...big whoop right?

this first episode was just a test- the animation isn't great and I didnt spend a great deal of time on it- It's more concept but it starts to story. I may or maynot add to this.

my youtube is 1x93cm which has the episodes and some other animations I've done.

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loud and screechy for no forseable purpose

Kel-chan responds:

this is why you never watch an animator's first animations.

get better voice actors

even for the charictures you already cast, not only are the current voice actor(s) rather hard to understand, but the lack of variety in tone makes conversations very hard to follow, and will doubtlessly impair charicture identification, especially if you give them different outfits, or hair styles, which you probably will. Although this might seem presumptuous, you can actually tell allot about how a person by the way they speak, I'd give examples, but I don't actually have any data, and they would probably be offensive to some people, so instead I'll just ask you to think about what voice you would expect someone with various traits
if you don't get voice actors, please get subtitles

Kel-chan responds:

yah i was debating on whether or not to just use the computer voice- but that came out even worse-

since not only was it monotone but the prounuciation was horrible-

a couple ppl have said theyre interested and i put a blurb in the forums- ill see if i get any takers

i can't do everything myself lol

The Video Won't Play for Me

I tried refreshing, right clicking to move it forward to play, waiting a while but it's not playing. If this is the same as the YouTube video posted on your blog, it's WAY better than you make it out to be in your description. The art is good, the vast majority of the animation is decent. Excellent job at shading. If you designed the 3d backgrounds you did a good job with that. Good work, I look forward to more of this ... and actually being able to play it without having to scout it out through your profile. :)

By the way, you mentioned that you need voice actors, check out the NG Forums, there are plenty looking to work on projects.

Kel-chan responds:

thx for the tip

Credits & Info

3.68 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2011
10:04 PM EST