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Corey from DeadPixel Entertainment here, proud to present our second offering! REbounced was an idea that has been going around in my head for a while now. I haven't fully fleshed out the idea; if this game gets above a 3.0, I will be making a sequel with many more features. So if you want to see more, vote high! =)

Special thanks to John from Left at Home for making the music and doing the bulk of the testing. You'd be playing a half-broken game if it weren't for him! See his website at http://leftathomestudios.

Also, check out my temporary website, http://deadpixelent.blogs pot.com/


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Interesting concept, average execution.

This was "fun" for the first couple of lifes, but it got tedious. The concept is original, or rather i haven't come across it before (the "your bullets are your own worse enemy" idea"). But it was executed without prowess.

My other main gripe is that you couldn't shoot for yourself, I would much prefer to be able to press space or something and shoot bullets. The concept would still work with some tweaking if this was done. Also add some sound effects for when you shoot. Maybe different "shapes" for enemys, EG green squares, yellow triangles, just for a bit of variety.

Nice one and good luck!