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V vs S: The Race

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Author Comments

Finally unearthing this monster for the world to see. Made in 2009, this was to be the first part of the VS Saga, a five-part series starring Skrib and Vek, two rivals who have to work together to stop the evil Dr. Voxel. Also, they have superpowers for no adequately explained reason.

This was the last piece of animation I made in college back in 2009, and it was even more unfinished when I graduated. I worked on it on and off during the summer and fall of '09, but without a deadline looming, I abandoned it after October of that year, losing interest in it. A lot of the animation (especially in the beginning) is frame-by-frame, which was what made this such a struggle; I later moved on to some tweening. This isn't the best animation in the world, I know, but it's something I put a lot of time into.

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Great job!!

This was an awesome video... I really liked the animations... And u should try to finish it off...

zlxq3000 responds:

Thanks. Maybe I will someday...

I was getting into it...

At least you're honest.

zlxq3000 responds:

So did you give the low score just because of the abrupt ending?


That was a great movie. Nice job

zlxq3000 responds:

Thank you. :D

Nicely done

Good job! They're right, the only problem is the animation. The plot was good, the sound is good, just the way "S" looks and the words where hard to read. This is really good, you've got something going here.

zlxq3000 responds:

Well Skrib was supposed to look sort of sketchy. That's kind of the idea; vector animation (Vek) versus hand-drawn animation (Skrib). There's also the fact that one is dark and one is white. There's all kinds of layers within this animation. lol, I kid; this isn't supposed to be some sort of racial thing or anything.

Yeah, the words in the IM conversation has always been a problem in this animation. It does go by kind of fast and is small and hard to read, but if I'd left that stuff on the screen for too long, it'd be boring. I figured as long as people got the gist of what was going on, that it would be fine. It is the beginning of the conflict and kind of an important plot point, but I thought watching them run around throwing stuff at each other would be more entertaining than staring at text for a full minute to understand what is going on.

Nothing against you or anything, but I kind of hate that second sentence; considering that this whole thing is nothing but animation, it kind of makes it sound like you hated the whole piece. Your score and explanation state otherwise, but it's still an odd choice of words. Keep that in mind when you're critiquing something.

Rock on

An absolute Gas. Animation's rough, but the retro gaming feel allows that to work to your advantage. Fudge with the timing of movements, maybe push the gaming thing even further, If I had to offer advice. But other than that, Class act, sugar. Love your cuts.

zlxq3000 responds:

Heh, why thank you. Yeah, the gaming thing was going to be pushed more in the next episode; the music was actually going to go hand-in-hand with what the video game theme of the next episode was going to be. This one works with it more or less, but the next episode was going to be kind of a direct reference to a specific game series, whereas this one was just them running around and Sonic music went with it.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2011
2:47 PM EST