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Yes, I know the sound quality is bad. It's because I took all the voices (minus the butler, he was done with a professional mic) with a handheld personal message recorder out in public, with no sound proof room. Yeah, I know it wasn't the best thing to do, but hey, that's how it is.

The Mackenzie Project This animation took me hours on top of hours just to finish. In the end I showed this to my class, with a few people laughing and saying how good I am at animating. ( Honestly I don't think I'm that great, there's always room to improve) The smooth animation and all the jokes XD

If you don't find it very funny, It's because of my timing of the jokes. You see, I originally drew the story boards out as a comic. Most of the jokes didn't incorporate well into animation, so the only "chuckle" to be had is all the way at the end of the animation...

Also, I voice Cromwell, my friend G-ko played Mackenzie (funny thing is she looks almost exactly like Mack. If I gave her a costume, she would look like the real life Mackenzie), and my other friend's sister played Penelope. I think all the voices fit well.

Did I mention I made this about 3 years ago? That would put me at 14 years old. Just thought I'd put that in.

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Funky funghi

There was not that much animating in this piece. The only parts moving are the mouths and arms but not very much. I was hoping to see more in depth with this story. What is this a parody of? But mainly, I would like to see more movement if possible and probably the character design. Al as well that ends well. Keep up the good work.

It's good, but...

You really need to work on the sound. The butler sounded fine, but the other characters were way off...


The audio is just painful...you gotta work on that. It is peaking and it just sounds bad in general. It sounds like you took parts out of some TV show or something in many of the audio clips judging from the background noise.

As stated below by others, your animation is REALLY good. It's really just the sound that is holding you back.

Hope to see more from you. I DID like it!

boomie0123 responds:

I can't disagree with you on the sound, since the only one I took with a professional mic was myself doing the butler. The other two I used a handheld personal message recorder to get the voices. Looking back, yes it was a bad idea to do that, but it was the only way to get the voices. Nowadays I only do sound with a professional mic, so my sound is WAY better than before. :D

Bad mixing and horrible script

You got the art down and the animation is getting there, but you need to work on the mixing and writing.


Being old doesn't mean it get credit. The animation is so so, because there is just tweening, and one cameraa view all along. The puppet characters are ok. You know the sound is very bad.
And jokes? ..... seriously? when? where? =/

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Feb 26, 2011
2:40 AM EST
Comedy - Parody