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I Am Zeitgeist MusicVideo

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I felt that my song needed a music video because it has a point to make that doesn't really come across to people well. Thanks to Anthony Kruger for the animations. Credits:
Conceptual Design: Robert W Heeley
Animation and Video: Anthony Kruger
Produced and Created by: Robert W Heeley
Thank you for watching.
For a better quality version visit You Tube and also watch the Zeitgeist Movies there too, If you haven't already. :)

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I mostly ike the song, but, although your video has some good points, I also feel it is lacking in some areas.

1. Almost no animation, it is basically a slide show. And where that is not always a bad thing it makes the video drag on a bit. I also agree with evilblades that it would have been better if you had used more original artwork, though unless played correctly could have set you further from the theme.

2. I don't think you seem to fully understand what zeitgeist historically is (spirit of the times), and seems to be playing mainly off of the movie by Peter Joseph (who was also a bit askew on the meaning). On those lines there is nothing wrong with playing off of a film for a video, but you seem to be a bit off on the message there as well.

3. Political commentary is fine, and free expression of it drives the world to a (hopefully) better place. But any time things are presented in a commentary that are trite, outdated, or incorrect it lessens the value of the commentary. (ex. in the film zeitgeist they make incorrect statements about the origins of certain gods, Krishna of note).

4. I found it ironic and humorous that your 'mascot' is symbolic of the Illuminati. But generally it doesn't really fit the general thought. I say this because the imagery is political and social (and a bit moral as well) suggesting that the POV of the zeitgeist should be the common man rather than the ruling class.

Those things being said, again, I do agree that the video makes important points. I didn't point out any of my nit-picky things specifically, but more just want you to think about it should you choose to remake your video or edit it. Because it could be so much better. All in all I feel this is passing, and will give this 3/5 and 5/10. Best of luck, and regardless of what others think of your opinions at least you are saying something. So keep saying it. Peace.

73Quantum responds:

I really appreciate your review. Thank you. My concept for the character is Irony and maybe annoying, but I believe a great way to get attention. This video was rushed in 1 day by my friend who is still very young and has not yet submitted content to Newgrounds. It was a birthday present to me :) You have inspired him to remake this video I think, which is great 'cause he needs some self confidence. The theme is mainly from Peter Joseph's stuff from the 2nd and 3rd Zeitgeist movies, which I think are closer to politics rather than religion- which is always a touchy subject. My wish is that people all come together in agreement for change for the better, make the world smile :) Thank you again for your fair review. All the Best . Rob.