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Bimmy in the Future

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I finally finished the 3rd episode of Bimmy sadly I have bad news, you might experience some lag its mainly an issue with the audio which I know how to handle.

Unfortionatly I got too far into the project to go back and spend more hours fixing and replaying this for the millionth time.

Im so sick and tired of seeing it I just want it out of my site and mind so heres what I got.

It was intended to be longer but with my new found knowledge of the program I will show it in the fight which will be done sooner and it will be much better.

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Good Stuff

Liked the action. story is getting good, KEEP IT UP!


It's very interesting. Sweet animation, bro. Can't wait to start up the project:D

Very Nice

Cant wait to start the "secret project" you'll be an excellent edition to the team keep up the good work.

Thumbs up

Hey man great job! You did a fine job with the presentation, you can put together a flash pretty well. Keep practice your art and animation, you got potential man B)

ThyGentleman responds:

Hey thanks! Its an honor getting a review by you.


i remember watching the first and second bimmy a while back, its good to see your still making these. The art is so-so some of the shading is sloppy along with the line-work. However i generally look at story over artwork and you did a pretty fine job. I liked the fightscene with bimmy and the robots alot and the sound effects were crystal clear. But the voice of the robot is a little low and i found myself shifting between volume setting alot. Bimmy hasnt really been develouped too much in the new episode so i suggest giving him a backstory or something so the audience understands whats going on. Its too bad that the lag is still an issue with your cartoons because it really breaks the flow and is quite noticeable. All i can say is keep making episodes because you definetly got something here.

ThyGentleman responds:

Thank you for the great review!

As for the lag some experience it and some don't. I only got it at the end, as for Bimmy's back story (which will be explained in future episodes) is a mystery for now. Its still kinda in development.

Im glad you liked it and Im currently making the next episode and plan to make many more in time.

Credits & Info

4.57 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2011
11:04 PM EST