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Madness Baseball

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well this is a new thing for me. a non violent animation about madness? unheard of!!!! well i did it for my school art show. the song is

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Lol Deimos In blue form without bandages

I find this somewhat better than epic......


nuke505 responds:

lol happy i impressed 1 person


I have no idea what to say about this, it's.. somewhat okay, but it's overrated, but for several reasons.

The movements were a little unrealistic, don't get me wrong, you could improve this completely if you take the time. Then the art wasn't really the best, most of it was you recolored some of Krinkels sprites, and it was a little too short.

All I can really say that could help this if you were to make them a little faster, since they were pretty slow in some parts, and smoothen it out rather than it be a little choppy and they just swung their hands, their bodies barely moved when they swinged, or catched the ball, then you could try making it a bit longer, rather than a short clip. Like I understand it's a school project, but hey I'm just giving my personal opinion, I'm no teacher. Oh I forgot, work on your art skills, Probably what I could see is just some boxes and land, which weren't suprisingly detailed, so, yeah.

That's all I have to say.
I'll give you a 7/10. :)

nuke505 responds:

yeah i kinda just threw this together in a few days. so wasnt great.... lol im not too proud of it


good your pretty good but do you want to know a new style of walking just pm me
or replie to this review and this madness even if it is non-voilent still AWSOME.

veriy fun

lol, need only hank for this is the beast baseball game for ever

nuke505 responds: