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-Elevator Glitch
-Final boss doesn't leave screen
-There IS an auto save function, I've made a text to direct you to the save point. When reloading page.
-After defeating the Snow King, if you're stuck after reaching the top, wait on the boat! It will move!

Amea follows the story of a young girl who finds no recollection of her memory. When she awakens in the absence of reality, there before her lies a dark path leading to the answers of her past.

Game type: RPG
Genre: Horror

-Directional keys to move, crouch and jump
-A, S, D are customary, you may select them to become your attack, special, and/or defense.
-Space bar to open inventory
-i for quest log and map
-q to toggle quality
-Game saves automatically.

Created by Godlimations.com
Sponsored by ArmorGames.com

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Probably my favorite game, it has been for years. It has everything, a storyline, action, and I guess you can say "secrets" The only thing it lacks is choices, would've been cool to make a few choices for your character to develop, or even in what direction she goes. Other than that, one of the best games I've played so far.

Interesting story I loved it by blinding herself then she was able to gain true sight to see through all the lies well played, also the snow boss was a bit of a pain but even still only died once almost twice before I managed to kill him, poor guy he loved the heroine but he was blinded by the cult it took defeat for him to finally see the truth, so yes over all it was great, though the final boss was really a pain in the ass to defeat died so many times but thankfully that phoenix talon revived me every single time.

Really good game. Kept my interest for a long time. Game had glitches though. Had to restart like 3 times. Thank goodness it auto saved

Heckin swell

Great game! The only problem is that the elevators in the ice cave glitch and you have to refresh the page cuz it doesn't come back. It would be more fun if you put in a hard mode to make things more challenging too. The story was interesting, which isn't as easy to do as it sounds, and the maps make you work to get all the chests but aren't too hard to complete. Congrats for the good work.