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Mandi's Dream- The End

Trapped... I stood upon that highest balcony, these beautiful but savage beings standing at the only opening, and a plunge several hundreds of feet towards the open golden-brown sea at my back. The wind seemed to whisper words of advice into my ears, but I could not quite hear them. The people before me advanced a step, spears poised at my throat. There was only one more option...
Slowly, I stood upon the rail of the pillared balcony, my arms stretched out to either side. Fear clutched at my stomach, making me wince slightly. What I was about to do was crazy, and could possibly cost me my life. Possibly. Closing my eyes, I let go and fell backwards, silently taking the plunge. I waited for that terrifying sinking feeling to take wing, but felt nothing. Curious, I opened my eyes to the world around me. There was no fear at all... Not a sound, not a breath... Only that of the wind howling as I gently fell. The water hit me faster than I had predicted, swallowing me in a warmth greater than the humid sticky air. Enveloped in this warmth, I felt a strange sense of comfort in it. My thoughts slowly melted away, soon forgetting all about the beautiful people above me. I was only then reminded when some of their spears hit the water all around me, sinking down continuously into the bottomless depths. I reached out my arms to swim, kicking feebly, the soothing warmth beginning to relax my muscles completely. My already blurry vision began to blur faster, faster, my mind shutting down along with my muscles.
I closed my eyes, letting the warm comforting darkness take me over...

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I like it

The description says it all. Makes me think of calmly drowning, if thats possible.

May I? A story of a thought?

This song only inspired me to write a story.

I sat. I was lost. There was no way for me to go anywhere. I was too much of a pussy to kill myself, yet I wanted to desperately. No one was there for me. I just sat. I waited. No one came. It eventually came to me I was to come to them. But I couldn't. The water was too cold, yet too hot. I was all alone. Who was there that would help me when I found them? No one. I was completely alone. I couldn't do anything. There wasn't even a loose rock to play with. I banished the thought from my mind. I was growing desperate. I heard a scream utter from very close to my ears. I turned to see, but it turns out it was my own. I was going crazy just sitting here. But I couldn't get up. I was compelled to stay. There was no room anyway. The cave was shrinking. It hurt. I was going to die. I knew it. You, the reader, knows it. Everyone dies alone. If they don't, they are killed by their best and only friend.

Sorry that was very emo.


It feels like the description, a very meditative fall. As if all the joys and regrets of life are drifting across my mind. As if death is the only way out and even in the last moments, I feel as though the right choice was made.

maybe an rpg?

this song sounds like an Rpg thing. it reminds me of one of those cave levels. i dont know.plus it loops. but its a good song. though most of it seems kinda repetive being the RPG player myself. so it was kinda a bore. you still rock mandi.


Another fantastic "peace"

"another soul put to rest, in the deep caverns below. But there is little man can do, to alter eternities echo. The cloth of fate is being unraveled, by all the weary paths we travel. But through it all i am at peace,because, in the great tapestry i am one crease."- a short poem by Fargh82, which this song inspired, thanks to you i have a project done with an A+ in my poetry class :D

MaestroRage responds:

Lovely poetry, Fargh! I'm glad you liked it that much. More to come on this dream. It was a very very long one, and so I'll have a lot to write about it!

With love,
Mandi <3

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Apr 9, 2009
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