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Just pictured this in my mind.

Oh, and bonus points to whomever can tell me why some blur effects don't appear in the final swf.

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Very nice.

It is great how you can pique our interest in the backstory with so short and simple of a flash. Well done.


Evidently he knows something we don't

Great animation

For something that was not submitted for Clock Day, this turned out to be fairly popular. What I liked was how good the animation was. The sky and everything looked so realistic and the guy who smiled didn't even look like a clock. Were you perhaps trying to submit some incomprehensible message into this? I was just watching the latest Salad Fingers so I would know about incomprehensible stuff. I have no idea how the blur effects do not appear in the final swf.

Was the smile perhaps representing that the train was running over someone? I didn't see anyone but there could have been someone up ahead. Was the train going to some destination that the main character really wanted it to? The questions just go on forever. It's amazing how much of a story you can tell in so short a time.

Very interesting Flash short

I really like how you came up with this Flash short in your mind. I also like the detail of the visuals and animation. By the way, the blur effects usually don't appear in the final SWF if either the symbol(s) is/are too big or the blur effects are too intense.

Nevertheless, pretty good Flash short. You could have spent more time on it, but your detailed animation makes up for it.

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