PWM7: The Master & Miko

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Can Reimu save herself and the Vocaloids from the mysterious new attacker?

This is a comic. As a comic, there will be little, if any animation. This is NOT a cartoon, and not indeed to be seen as one. Further, I'm not about to turn this into a stop-motion animation as I have neither the time nor the will. Also keep in mind that this series is set in a bedroom - these characters are SUPPOSED to be chilling out on shelves and on wooden floors.
I should also note that at this point, I'm using a really shitty camera as the good camera I used in the first few episode is broken. I'm using a video camera to take these pictures, and as such it's not very good at it. I am doing my best to fix that problem with stabilizing the camera against a few things, but it's not a complete fix. It's literally I turn on the flash and get a white washed picture, or keep it off and get blur. The number of pictures I've had to retake is bordering well over 100 of what I've taken, and that's with me using stands! I apologize for the blur, and despite the fact most of you probably think its stupid to continue with broken equipment, I say The Show Must Go On.
With all of that said, go on and enjoy!


Well, nice to see you again...

I have to say, I see a definite improvement in what I saw last episode. Your use of music is excellent to, (the classical really fits in, or where ever its from) I did like the battle scene, quite ingenious how you did the camera angles and other stuff.
Just a couple of things to work on; Presentation. The opening picture and stuff looks a bit too plain. Dunno the reason but you could always spice it up with some glowing and other effects. Also, for some reason the 'back' button disappeared so when I mistakenly double-clicked forward I had to start all over again... (once again, a bit of glowing could spice up the arrows too). Anyway, good luck on your comic/whatever, Kudos.

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

You have no clue how difficult it was to take some of those pictures. I had to get in awkward positions, and in those awkward positions the camera would shaaaake...it was terrible...
I'm glad you appreciate it though.
Also, as you correctly assumed, the opening pictures are supposed to be plain. Considering they're always there in the background at at all times, I don't want them to be too noticeable when the show goes on, as I learned a long time ago that flashy stuff is okay as long as it doesn't distract from what it is originally you're looking at. It'll also hopefully cut out on the load time for the preloader, and frankly, the sort of simple but encompassing background motif is something I wanted from the start.
As for the back button, I purposely removed it. I had gotten a few complaints about how the music would fuck up if you used it, and no matter what I did I couldn't exactly fix it: I'm not good with coding. More people have complained about it not being there then not, so I brought it back in 9.


there is something missing, though...

what could it be? o_O

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

That's what it's missing.

Not Bad...

I kinda like it. It makes me think that its an actual comic. And your effects are pretty good. And also all the figurines are adorable ^_^. Good luck on fixing your good camera too.

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

Thank you!
I got a new camera. I have to work a ittle bit with it, but I thinkI can at east get the picture quality I had in one and two.

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