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The journey out of hell

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Please send your reviews and critics to this demo, so i can improve for the full version.
Art is inspired by the game Limbo [XBLA]

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Nice concept, could use a bit of work

I like your concept. Point and clicks are always fun. Here's some advice on how to improve it:

- Better graphics. Graphics are hardly everything, but this has a bit of an MSPaint feel to it. Try getting them a bit more polished for the real thing.

- More interactivity. Simply clicking isn't quite enough. Try incorporating some elements that don't make it so possible to win by just randomly clicking around. (For example, the bit with the match, maybe you'd have to drag a match from somewhere else in the room across the match box, then take it to the candle to light it). Don't underestimate how much a simple detail like that can add.

- Some kind of story. You've clearly got a story in your head for what's going on here, so let's here it! No rambling prose, just a brief intro to what's happening from the POV of the helicopter pilot would be great.

- A bit more detail. I see what you were going for with the way it was done and all the silhouettes, but honestly, I couldn't always tell just what it was that I had clicked on.

You've got a good concept, and I wish you luck in the final product. The only further advice I can give you is to periodically take a step back and look at it as if you were someone else entirely. Remove all attachment from it and try to look at it as it truly is. Then it will be easier to identify where change needs to be made. I hope I helped!

RobbanFoxer responds:

I already have some ideas for better puzzles.
And i may fix that silhouette problem to a lower level. You may see that only in really bright areas or in caves/darknes. Im glad that someone took my game a little bit serious and tried to find some problem more than, "This sux, i couldnt get anywhere" score :0.
I will try to make this game better maybe even do it all from scratch again.
The funny part of all this is that this was only a school project.

P.S : The story in the menu was only something wich came to my head in the last second. I will come up with something better in the final product.