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Damn, this did NOT turn out how I wanted it to... but whatever. Just a whipped up project I did about Earthbound. I've been wanting to play it for a long time but too much school. :( I got the idea from Spongebob after watching Chiggaaconroy's Let's Play of it. Enjoy!


What the?

what...was...that? i saw what i think was supposed to be Ness from Earthbound... but i heard spongebob audio....


Wow spongebob rly Mother is better than that!!


You could Do better

I am (or was) a Spongebob fan

It was nice to hear that audio as I could recognize it. This still needed improvement on a lot of levels, mostly because the animation was not that good. It seemed like the whole thing was random. How was "Earthbound" similar to the Spongebob Squarepants episode you were parodying? I guess the lips sync up well and everything, but it needs to make more sense. In case anybody is wondering, in the cartoon Squidward does not get to eat that krabby patty and I doubt Ness will.

The color effects are okay, but that does not distract you from the flow of the artwork. The score board thing at the beginning was also really weird. The audio clip used did seem to have the best quality either. It seems like you could have worked with sprites if you want to make it more authentic. The title also seemed random.

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Zirch45 responds:

Well, to answer a few things you said:
Earthbound was similar because you can eat hamburgers out of garbage cans and that happened in Spongebob.
I HAVE tried working with sprites before, and that was not pretty ^^'
And I couldn't really think of anything to call it.

tehri was only2 problems

1 the animation was very bad,
2 their was no original content, neither the characters, story or audio were yours

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Zirch45 responds:

I never said everything here was original

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1.39 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2011
12:25 PM EST
Comedy - Parody