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Chaos War Ep.1

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Yep, I finnaly remade episode 1 for Newgrounds since I deleted the original swf file some time last year. Enjoy. NOTE: I FORGOT TO PUT A CREDIT!!!!
Sprites: John- Me, Vicious- DoubleSAnimations, Effio- EffioTW125, Buncey- Buncey07, Austin-AustinFactor
Music- Crush40, DBZ, SEGA
SFX- ShadeFalcon, DoubleSAnimations, EffioTW125
FX- DoubleSAnimations, ScythetheReaperhog, Me, ShadeFalcon, Inazuma

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Nice, man! I like it!

Did Darkspine appear in John's nightmare (I already know the answer, I just came back to correct my question)?


I gave you a 6 cause Nazo showed up...honestly, WORST ENTRY EVER!! Nazo does NOT just pop in and yell "I AM NAZO!!!" Just no...if you've seen Nazo UNleashed by Charka-X you know what I mean. And you can do better with the power-up effects. Alvin-earthworm does it all the time.
And Nazo getting pwnd on his first try by that Vicious dude?! EPIC!!! I am now officially calling him Chuck Norris the Hedgehog. (Vicious) XD

JohnTheHedgechidna responds:

Thanks for the comment, hope to learn from it. Don't worry, this is the ONLY episode Nazo appears in. DarkSonic killed him :P


Other than the fact I hate sonic the hedgehog this was ok... the dialog was kinda iffy and the actions were repetitive, but other than that it was ok.

JohnTheHedgechidna responds:

thanks for your comment, I hope to learn from it


It's okay, but of course the story is lame.... Nothing gets explained at all and the whole plot just seems like a person is walking and random person comes and attacks them. I saw so many "I'm so bored today's" that i was wondering when someone was going to make a joke about it. The animations are okay but look more plastered on then custom made. I have to say congrats on the fights but that's pretty much it. Since it's your remake I guess I can expect more from you than from newer people.

JohnTheHedgechidna responds:

well it's the first episode, most stuff is explained in episode 3 pt.1. I'm currently testing some new stuff, like hitting the spacebar instead of an emerald. The story kinda unfolds as the series continues