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If you saw human heads on a wall celebrating when police took down criminals you might recoil in disgust. So why is it so much more acceptable to see animal heads. What must they think of us. Some day far in the future perhaps they will be able to communicate their displeasure over our needless cruelties to them. OR, perhaps we as the superior species on this planet have every right to do what we want with "lesser" animals, are we not the "chosen" species, chosen by evolution and years of genetic trial and error to do what we want to this planet and its inhabitants? You decide. v1.05



Visually, this is very very poor. I understand that you're trying to convey some sort of message, but like one of the reviewers had said, most species lack introspection and cognition. Not the worst thing I've seen on this site, but man this could be A LOT better.

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interesant but

you are a hippie post this in the peta page or the animal rights not in newgrounds

PsychotropicVideo responds:

I didn't think there was a specific content that newsgrounds accepts or rejects. What is NEWSGROUNDS material then?


This is how you try and portray a message? Give me a break, how could anyone take this seriously? While you may believe in whatever cause it specifically is, a picture of a mounted animal head fading into a badly panned 3D image is not the way to visualize your message. The terrible hoof running sound makes me want to shoot it to make the sound stop!

Tackle this from a whole other angle.

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Animals don't think, dude.

Except for apes, most animals are incapable of cognition. So what they 'think' really isn't thinking. If this is about animal cruelty, it may interest you to know that PETA euthanizes pit bulls in the back of the vans it says are for transporting them to good homes/freedom.
I'm all for ethical treatment of animals, but what this video boils down to is just plain creepy and does not convey your point well.
Oh, and try slapping a preloader on the first frame so it doesn't endlessly loop.

I'm interested to know what prompted this.

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PsychotropicVideo responds:

There is no mention of cognition in the video. Just memory. Animals, particularly mammals have pretty good memory, they also feel pain. Whether we should hunt and kill animals for sport is up to the cognitive elements of the individual human, but whether they feel pain and have memories, there is no doubt.

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Feb 2, 2011
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