Boys V Girls

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In the not to distant future the world is split in to by a large wall, girls on one side boys on the other. A small group of boy's clime over the wall and break into the girls half of the world to steel a treasure.


Alright I guess

Although it could have been made to be more interesting if they spoke and the one guy looked like he was dressed as a girl. It didn't help much though since he brought two other guys with him bringing out the obvious that he is a guy just wanting to raid the panty drawer at his sister's house. Also what was up with them taking photos all the time?

Really short though so it is pretty sad I guess. The animation wasn't that bad at all either to be honest. Kind of laughed at the spiked high heels at the top of the really tall brick wall as well. The audio was pretty good and the pair of panties were very nicely drawn I see.

Funny how they reached for the panties and got trapped in there. Kind of wonder how they got it. Maybe the old hacksaw trick? I have no idea.

It was alright overall though I guess. Good work here.

nice but...

It was really well animated, but try to do this longer the next time, since things were really shorted in this one.


all for the panties XD classic


Epic, simply epic, brought back memories *sigh* the animation was well done and the audio was well used, the story and culmination being an epic ending to an epic flash about an epic past time of misbehaving men everywhere.

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3.20 / 5.00

Feb 2, 2011
6:11 AM EST
Comedy - Original