Stamper has no hope in NG

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ALSO, No animated user images. WTF TOM?

p.s. I love you Stamper.


The drawings are basic, but instantly recognizable. Audio quality is high, animation is minimalistic but works for the style. Overall I have to say I'm really impressed by this - after your performance in the NG Hip Hop Competition I was honestly expecting something less impressive, but you did this really well.

I must say your animation was not as funny as it aimed to be, but I never found myself grinding my teeth at tasteless jokes - rather, you made strong, succinct observations about the redesign. I think the only thing this animation is missing is something a little more entertaining rather than being informative. I liked the PsychoGoldfish reference at the end but it didn't really make me laugh.

Rad one..
I like Movies like these, simple and talking about Nonsense ..

Its crazy how true this is :P

This was pretty funny. Sadly, because it's true. The whole thing was wonderful satire on all of these modifications that are being made to Newgrounds, or, were being made to Newgrounds before the big 2012 redesign.

The animation was minimal, though the art and voices were nice. I can at least appreciate the effort you took to lip-sync this properly, and the NG staff's ability to take a good joke.

Sadly, this animation wonâEUTMt age well. At the time IâEUTMm writing this, the information has already been somewhat outdated, other than the part with the icons. Things such as the 46x46 reference may be lost on NG newcomers.

Nevertheless, still great!

I thought this was pretty funny. I don't even know if you're talking about the same redesign that went up recently. I'm going to say you probably weren't, and it really shows how much this website has gone through the years. I think the best thing about this is the part at the end with the goldfish. It seems like I've hearing that song a lot lately. It's such a fun song that can go with so many things.

The animation wasn't that good, but at least the voices were nice. Everyone seems to be so snarky. I appreciate how you managed to make fun of Tom and he can take a joke as he favorited this. It would funnier if you made another one about the recent redesign. I certainly felt like that for awhile.

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Feb 1, 2011
4:56 PM EST
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