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VG Master V1E5 Remastered

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It's a remake of Superxme23's VG Master Volume 1 Episode 5, which is my favorite episode.

I mixed hand-drawn images with sprite animation to make this one. My art skills still suck but they're getting better. Discovering the pencil tool really helped.

Please enjoy VG Master Episode 5 Remastered.

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eeeeeeeewwwwww goomba sh**ing.


Superxme and Teejay You Guys Are Mama Bleein' Flash Gods! But I Thing That The Girl's Voice Should Have Been A Little Bit Deeper. But Any Way.... Great Job And I Hope To Work With u 2 guys !


dude! u just took superxme23's episode of mario and turned it into a kick ass episode and I love the goomba taking a shit man hilarious XD awesome work man awesome work!

Good job.

This flash was really good. The Goomba moment cracked me up. idk why :D 5/5