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31 Flashes in 31 Days

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Day 31. What a month

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The student becomes the master

And I am truly humbled. Normally the Clock formula is Quality > Quantity or, in my case, vice versa, but you bring both in equal parts. I salute you sir. You were 2011's LotusClock.

what a month indeed!

...and i've witnessed it all. ...oralmost all.
now, i've come to seen most of your earlier flashes, and i 've witnessed this, as a final piece to this episodic month. i'm glad i watched it with full speakers on, cause the music was great, and, in a way, touching. yes, that's the correct way to describe it, touching. you've described us a month, a month of your life, a month of your flash work, to beee precise, and you 'rly gave us a GREAT time to remember, and to have fun, for later on.

good movie, good graphics, touching music/sound, funny sound... and nice character designs. did you do the pop-tart at the part where u kick rob off the scene? (also did you draw that rob-clock, in the scene where you kick him out?)
uhhh, good flash, great movie, and a good way to sum a month's works.
great film.

btw, why i'm not in the party? i've been partying when you won praise!
oh, well.
good movie. you've earned it

Great seeing your past months work coming together

First off congratulations to you for surviving one month of this. It takes some users weeks even months to put together short shit loops and yet you managed every day this past month to get a new flash out each day. That takes some work even if they aren't the most taxing of flash.

I liked this one the most, it felt like a story, which in a way I guess it is. A story of your month and it felt nice just to watch it all again as one. So thank you.

Pop-Tart responds:

Thank you, my king.



Captain America Clock LOL


I agree with Taptoon50, very unique and a pleasure to watch