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Swimmin with the Sharks

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Here's our submission for the Newgrounds Movie Jam January 2011 WHICH MEANS I ONLY HAD 48 HOURS TO MAKE THIS. OKAY. Team Wienerbarf put their heart and soul into this and now they're all dead.

Team Wienerbarf:
Animation: Egoraptor
Music/Backgrounds/Misc touchups: Oney
Voices: Tomamoto
Guitar Playin' on the last song: Mat Graham

The Story (Written by PsychoGoldfish):

A young girl is taken to one of those 'swim with the sharks' deals for her birthday. This was a very special birthday because while she was swimming with the sharks, she finally became a woman...

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this man said pelo was incentive

and thus Gawr Gura came to be

i feel sad for that shark just watching

some say he still looks on to this day

Been coming to this animated short for years. Still doesn't get old!

This is mean. I got raped by sharks like this all the time when I went swimming and it fucking sucked. It didn’t give me a thick skin or make me a better swimmer or make me think more about what I was doing, it just hurt.