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Move over Justice League, Take a hike Avengers and make way for Fantastisquad. These heroes are fighting crime and your boredom!

Roman Five! An awesome vigilante, with an awesome past and an awesome vendetta against injustice!

Mazel Tov Cocktail! A quick tempered young Hebrew wielding a staff of flame, who's had it up to here with crime in his neighbourhood!

Gun Man! He shoots stuff! Sometimes people!

And their courageous leader, Captain Fantastic! Who's just so fantastic crime literally fights itself in his presence!

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A bit short but drawn very well and nicely done

Well if some people spent less time transforming or assembling then
maybe they might of done something.

Cpt. Falcon

This would have never happend if the F stood for captain FALCON LOL XD


roman 5 has a pedo face :D

Roman Five, FTW!

Mazel Tov Cocktail is pretty BA as well.