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Skate Forever

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Well, I had a lot of bumps and struggles with this game (ESPECIALLY THE PRELOADER) but here it is, finally finished. This is my first "serious" entry, as well as my first jump into AS3.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it.

Please inform me of any bugs and vote fairly!

Up Arrow: Jump
Down Arrow (hold): Duck
Down Arrow (release): Rise
Shift: Reset Game (after death)
Space: Return To Main Menu (after death)

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Skate or Die

The artwork is simplistic, but not in an entirely good way though. The stick figure I understand that you can't really do a lot with that, because it's a stick figure. However the other parts of the game could have looked better, if you send me a PM I can give you a list of artists that you might want to work with. The animation though is very good with the fluent of the stick figure dodging as well as his deaths. The gameplay idea is simplistic and makes for a good time killer, reminds me of the Helicopter game. The controls are a bit unforgiving at first especially with the jumping, you have to be nearly 100% accurate to make those jumps, but the controls do work out well. As a first not bad.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Sound
*Superb Music
*Superb Controls
*Great Gameplay

|| Bad Points ||
*Design - Obstacles Are Unforgiving At Times

not to bad

A good time killer. I think the controls need some work as they are not very responsive.

The-One-Banana responds:


Hipolyta, but for skaters

Not a bad game at all - a decent concept, which was a little tricky to master, even on easy mode, since you had just a little too fine a gap for controls there, until I realised that you could just hold down "jump" to stay airborne for longer.

I liked the simplicity of the layout for the piece - the tetris blocks gave it the look of Tetris'd, plus the music was nicely selected and not annoying, which I thought it might become over time, which was a relief to see.

Perhaps the next step is to incorporate this into some sort of story mode, so that the tutorial is completed as part of that and from there, you can have the character progress, with more rapid fire obstacles, a plot unveiling itself, the further you get and even some other bits and pieces, which I can't think of right now.

Very encouraging, I look forward to seeing more of your work :)

[Review Request Club]

The-One-Banana responds:

Thanks for a very encouraging review! I'll try to make my next game much more engaging with your suggestions.

A Grind

Games like this have a tendency to be lucked based and repetitive. Your game has no luck element, but that's because it's pretty easy on all modes. Once a game focuses on endurance over a period that is too long, it quickly becomes uninspiring. Try instead increasing the difficulty as you go, making it eventually impossible.

The graphics are very moderate, but they are clean and definitely workable. The sky looks very calming but there needs to be some textures on the buildings such as bricks or windows. You'll eventually need to improve on your main character since stickmen are the cheapest standard. Your animation though is smooth and you've certainly grasped the basics and executed them well.

The audio is tunable and suitable. The tone is relaxing and the sound effects seem familiar...

But your presentation is lacking in substance. Your menu is horribly tasteless with no grasping colours. Also you need a mute button for both audio and sound effects.

Apart from these minor flaws though your game is basic, but playable with some potential for limited enjoyment. You've composed something that works and you should be proud of that, but it lacks real spark and flare.

The-One-Banana responds:

A frank, thorough and thoughtful review. Thank you for your comments, I will try to use these to improve upon my next game.

Work in progress

for your first serious attempt i think this is decent just keep plugging away mate

The-One-Banana responds: