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EVIL Co. Hiring Day

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Author Comments

Sweet merciful Buddha, why must you destroy my ears!? Seriously, turn down your speakers, because when I first made this I had NO idea how to remove noise issues from the sound. This was top of the list for improvement before I made the next flash. Still, that's why I decided when I started to include subtitles to my flashes. This was the first proper episode(and I use that term lightly) involving the EVIL Co. characters. Also, I created most of these characters just to mess around with different voices to find what I wanted to keep.

The audio's horrible. I know, and I can't really fix it. This was made months ago and maybe seeing this thing once in a while will scare me into making damn sure this doesn't happen again. Other than that, this production came out reasonably well but the motion's still sloppy and the more practice the better. Thankfully the next flash turned out much better than this one.

For those interested, the song used in the intro and credits is Paralyzed by Barrage.

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Great stuff.

Seriously dude, despite that one audio bug. I couldn't stop laughing at the comedy in this flash. Good work, and i hope to see more.

Kooma responds:

Glad you enjoyed it.

needs more work.

good humor
good story
good voice acting but PLEASE get a BETTER mic

art, you need to do your own art! google the pixel tool if you wish to create your own art in pixels.
do not ever use bitmaps from google image EVER
some sound effects from websites would be handy instead of using your own voice

good start, you just need to work on art and polish ;)

Kooma responds:

Hmm, I'd put a little thought into making pixel art for the desk and whatnot. Maybe I could make use of it in new material. Thanks for the idea.

Good, but

you can improve the sound :p
dont talk to close to mic and you got youreself a 10 :D

Kooma responds:

Buddy, the fact that you gave me a 9 dispite that horrid mic is just fine with me. Thanks for the feedback.

A very good start!

First off, I'd like to say well done on this second animation of yours to be submitted successfully to newgrounds.

Having read some of your responses to the previous reviews, I was very pleased to see humble, honest and intelligent responses to people's reviews (even the 5 word entries!)

I have a soft spot for sprite based animations due to me playing most of the games the famous sprites feature in over the last 20 years, and your animation certainly didn't disappoint.

The ideas you brought to this animation were very witty and fitted well to the sprites used. Although the audio was very rough sounding (by your own declaration), your voice acting shows real promise for future works.

You obviously have the will to produce more animations so based upon this I offer the following advice.....don't shy away from the animation aspect (having the characters standing still throughout), improve on the editing skills you have for the audio and keep your ideas flowing for the rest!

I look forward to seeing more of your work,

All the best!



Kooma responds:

Hehe. Thanks, that means a lot. I definately have more finished flashes to submit and I think I'll make a little bit more even once I'm done with the class. As long as I have ideas and people get a kick from watching, no reason not to make something.

Ideas come and go so you have to latch on and work until the juice stops flowing.
Audio's been boiled down so anyone can tune something to sound exactly how they want given enough time.
Editing is nothing but practice. So why not practice with something fun?

Thanks again for the review and encouragement. All opinions are worth something and It's nice that you not only reviewed what I submitted but took notice of how I operate. Makes all the difference.

Not bad.

The whole villain corporation idea is different but has been done before however you pulled off at doing something unique. Couple annoying things. improve on these and you'll have a great series. Sound is a little poor and i can hear it scratching into my ears. Some white lines around your symbols makes for sloppy work so polish that up a bit.

Kooma responds:

Agreed. Personally I don't find anything I did anything unique but nice to see you can enjoy it even with the sound problems. The flash after this cleaned up the mic and I streamlined my process for editing the sprites to remove those lines. Thanks for the feedback.

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2011
6:37 PM EST