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Threw this together in a few days. Song is The Nobodies - Marilyn Manson I don't own it obviously.

1031 frames
24 fps
53.1 secs

EDIT: OMFG sorry the replay button doesn't work...


Not that bad.

Too bad I hate Marilyn Manson. :(

Rather OK

Nothing spectacular but I like the fact that you tried something more abstract than what you usually get. You seem to have enough talent to do better than this though. So throw up a concept (even abstract animations can have some) and spend some time on the animation. Looking forward to it.

F-Ninja responds:

Thanks. I'm brainstorming some stuff right now, hopefully something interesting will come up.


it was indeed very random. animation and song were both good and oddly went well together. fix the replay button and i will give a 10.

F-Ninja responds:

Thanks, I would've sworn I coded it right. lol

It was "ok'

The sound quility was ok, animation was a little off, could have been better. Sound quility was also decent. I enjoyed that it was creative. But please make sure you check your flash entirely before you post it. (ie; Replay button) To end on a positive note, I hope to see more work and an improvement in it! 4/10 2/5

F-Ninja responds:

Thanks, I did actually test the movie several times before posting to make sure no goofs like this popped up. Matter of fact the replay works for me when I'm in Flash but sadly that doesn't count here. I will certainly continue working and thanks for the motivation.


Video was creative. And neat. Did give me a seizure tho.

F-Ninja responds:

Thank you, and I'm not liable for any brain damage caused by said seizure. =D

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2.48 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2011
8:21 PM EST