PWM5: Exposition!

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I figure I need to shove the answers to everyone's questions in their face, if they're not going to take them when given them politely.


I can see this took you quote some time...

Yeah, nice unquie idea, but unfortunatly a bit boring im afraid...

I thinky uo could have possibly voiced the characters, and this would have been quite nice to be fair. Possible go the step further and take alot more photos and make a mini film [take a photo, move them slightly, take another, move again [you get the idea]].

Shakespear's font was a bit hard to read, and the fact it was sooo long unfortunatly made it a tad boring...

Also the camara quality gets a bit poor with half the images mostly on close up ones a bit blurred that needs sorting too...

I think you need to work at it a bit more, take account what I've said and you could make some decent flashes.

The intro/first slide was well done though ^-^

Kyora-Mishiso responds:

All your complaints had explanations.
I could possibly voice the characters, but I can't do ALL of them, particularly the few male characters and a few that'd require a bit of the higher voices. Further this is supposed to be a comic, and comics don't talk to you.

Second, no offense, but I'm not an idiot. I know how to do stop motion animation, and I can be fairly decent at it. However, with the events of my personal life, I don't really have the time to do that, nor do I have the will. Again, this is a comic, not a stop motion animation.

Finally, the camera. I know some of the pictures get blurry. My good camera, the one that I used for the first 2 episodes, broke. I have been stuck using this shitty one that won't allow me to use flash without white washing everything. I know I shouldn't be making episodes in this condition, but I figure if I can't work decently under adverse conditions, I shouldn't even try. I'm going to get up to Episode 7 and then probably take a hiatus until I get everything fixed. By episode 6 I do get the camera at least partially stable as well, so there's that.

So, yeah, there's all that.

I do promise to give Shakespeare some better text though.

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Jan 22, 2011
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