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Mobile Game Slab

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This is my first real animation in flash.

It was for a school project, we had to make a commercial for a "mobile game slab", a made-up portable gaming system.

enjoy, leave feedback :)

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Very Cool

This is a great example of the project. I am one of the developers of this course, and thought you did a great job. Voice overs are always tough because many times the schools do not have great mic setups. Loved the Shark... Personally - my favorite color is Kudzu. I have seen a ton of these and I think you did great. Congrats

I especially loved...

the one when he said the not so basic colors and just put them in awesomer forms and animation was good! i dont fucking get why this got 2 or 3 this should'be been in the front page! your a genius man!




I do like this, but there's some improvement for you.

Firstly, the voice over, I think you are too close as you crakle the mic.

Secondly, the sound is quite quiet, so may wanna make it louder from your end [ive got ym sound on max]

Next add a start button so it dosnt keep looping, this would be okay if you had multiple adverts.

But as a first, an amazing piece of work, you just needed a little trimming up for this ^-^

Jirue7609 responds:

Thank you :)
I know the voice overs are bad, I would have gotten farther from the mic but they didn't even pic me up, the school didn't have very good mics at all.
Half way through the commercial I got switched with another so thats why it changes.
I'll look into doing start buttons, I haven't gotten into buttons or any of that part of flash, we only learned animating.

Thanks for the review