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first off i would like to thank my friends chris and anthony for the well written script and voices, also i thank all of my friends for letting me use their likeness for characters and support/voice i also thank my mom and dad for support and tom for raising my upload limit.

this is the first episode of the series super awesome cupcake friend adventures originally called the jacob adventures. in this episode we meet all the characters and find out sheamus doesn't like ghostbusters. enjoy!



I thought it rocked the fo-shizzle if u katch my drift. I sat all like a whaaaaa? and then like all "hahaha" and i was all like "yo this is cool like" and i called my frends and was like "yo this is like hot shit" and then i banged my gurlfrend and it wuz a gud night fo me. good luk to ya;z gettin laid cuz this is some deep shit man! talk about the human experience! speaking of that im gonna go listen to the jimi hendrix experience.... SEE YA F***ERS!

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I thought you did a good job for a pilot episode. I hope to see more from this show as it has alot of pontential but you need to clean up the audio and not have overlapping dialogue. Kudos to the authors of the script.

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scooby doo chase scene !

man kid i just watched your super cupcake shorts and i thought that was great here i find a whole episode how lucky am i nice script hoople ang again kid quizell nice animation

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Love it!

EXCELENT story, but some jokes are lost in the poor audio. Animation shaky, try to get better. I see you being a big hit in future videos.

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lets lych him on top of the school

lol ghostbusters are awesome how dare sheamus not like him im irish and love ghostbusters . lol the chris characters jew frow

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3.48 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2011
6:05 PM EST
Comedy - Original