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dont be trollin'.

i accept people who try to help me, if you are here to flame, you can just press close plz.


this was my school work in flash. I just did some noob rotoscope.

this is just my part, it was 180 frames to each student of my class.

i hope you like it.

PS: I know it has a few blank frames, I probably did by mistake.


I started studying animation at september 2010 so I'm pretty recent in this business.

just leave comments and any advices plz.


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Where is the color?

Cool animation and design, but I would like to see more color being involved. I know you probably did not put color in this on purpose, but for future animations, color is the way to go. Colors stimulate the brain to remember something better compared to a grayscale color as this. Other then that, hope you will make more! Keep up the good work.

rafaelcanato responds:

yes, i didn't use color on purpose. I love "scrap sketch" look so that's why I made it this way. And I thought it would fit well and so I did. My teacher helped me with the back ground and the mask and the mask with the girl's form was my Idea.

ty for the comment, rate and time.

Pretty Freaking Awesome.


Not much more that I can say.

I would love to see your style with some audio and a story.

rafaelcanato responds:

This will have audio. it's contemporary dance (or whatever it spells), as I said in the response of another comment, this is just my part, the whole video will be uploaded as soon as I get it.

ty for rate, comment.


well u shuld have got a A on tht

it was pretty good i have seen far worse stuff from ppl who are not new at all. if you make another one make it longer and with the same amount of detail to movement like you did on this one

rafaelcanato responds:

as I said, this was just my part of the work, I will upload the whole thing when it's done. my teacher will make the whole movie with each part together.

thanks for the comment, rate and suggestion.

Needs some work, but not bad.

I can see you are a beginner, so I can't say you did badly. The detail in the animation is good, and I can tell its a humanoid being drawn. So, your work is comprehensible, unlike some I've seen through the portal. I hope to see better work come from you.

rafaelcanato responds:

ty for the complement. I had a few work on hit.