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RobClock's Disappearance

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On January 17th, RobClock's computer was taken away after a mysterious post.

It may be years until we know the full story.

Based on forensic evidence, we have reconstructed the following scenario.

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Haha wow

Elegant in its brevity. Rob's voice was perfect, by the way (being chock full of ovaries made the little boy voice all the creepier).

IvysaurClock responds:

I'm adopting chock full of ovaries as my personal tagline

A fairly hilariously cheesy Flash Flood short!

I really like how you used this Flash Flood entry to parody seemingly true events in a deliberately corny manner with cheesy voice-acting and animation. It's got that modern B-movie/cartoon vibe.

Pretty good. It would've been better if you worked more on the animation though.

IvysaurClock responds:

But then it would take more than a day!


I thought this would be the usual spam crap, but apparently clock crew is more refined and actually did something worth my while, nice job.

i would post this on strawberry clock day

this kinda sucks you would get a ten if it where strawberry clock day and i didnt get it sry

IvysaurClock responds:

I am holding an introductory seminar on the meaning of my animations, I would appreciate if you were to sign up.

I almost laughed :D

"Son, I've got to take your computer for a while" So hilarious! ^.^