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dont be trollin'.

i accept people who try to help me, if you are here to flame, you can just press close plz.

this was my first animation work at flash. I just need some noob typography. I started studying animation at september 2010 so I'm pretty recent in this business.

just leave comments and any advices plz.


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Read this ya'll

Some people, their first submitted content on newgrounds is something stupid like a rock falling and hittin a stick man or something. This is something good, don't hate.. Its the first submitted animation done by him. Good Job, keep up with the good work (btw, let's wait 1 year or 2 and we will watch animations done by this guy on the frontpage :D )


rafaelcanato responds:

thanks for the complements


A fantastic start.

You're off to a very good start.

Two bits to improve upon:
1-This is more of a personal taste of mine: Careful with the "2" gesture hand. It looked more like "3" to me (because of the thumb). Just make it a little more clear that it is indeed "2."

2-Transition from word to word a little faster. This will probably come with time, but the animation felt a little awkward, because it moved just SLIGHTLY too slow.

Other than that, good work!

rafaelcanato responds:

Response to "1" - I will take that hand thing in mind next time if I use it. Because I didnt have much time to do it tbh.

Response to "2" - Well, I thought it was a little too fast in some words and slow in others, the synchronization ain't that good.

ty for your time, rating and suggestion.


This is a nice movie...

However, I would like to ask if you can add a PLAY button the next time you make a movie.

rafaelcanato responds:

I haven't thought of that, ty for your sugestion, I'll take it in mind in my next vid.

ty for time, rating and sugestion.


Very Creative

Great Job especially with using mostly a "hand" to show emotion.
I suggest using a loader so we know if it's working and not just a white screen.

rafaelcanato responds:

the hand was my idea. my teacher told me I need to use text stuff and I thought of making an image of an hand with ('s and |'s. Asked him if I could and then just took me a bit to do it.

ty for your rating, comment and time.



this is just pretty idiot..

rafaelcanato responds:

next time, read the author's comment on the videos your watching. if you are here to flame, you can always press the very precious red cross you have on top of your screen. not making a reasonable comment, should spare you 5 seconds of your life.